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How Do I Travel With A CPAP Machine?

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If you are a new CPAP machine user and also have never traveled with it and need few tips, we’ve got you covered. Traveling with CPAP doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to know these tips!
Today on the blog, we’ll be sharing some of our tips when traveling with a CPAP machine. Our customers often ask us “How do we travel with a CPAP machine? What are some of the recommended tips when traveling with a CPAP machine?”
Many of our customers who travel frequently whether it’s for a vacation, work or visiting family, purchase our CPAP traveling machine because of it’s lightweight, FAA approved and comes with a 14-hour battery.
Living with sleep apnea and daily using CPAP machine can be challenging and the idea of having to travel with CPAP machines sounds almost too much to bear but honestly it’s not.

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However, you shouldn’t let the idea of traveling with your machine get you down. And you definitely shouldn’t leave your machine at home because nowadays, it’s so much easier to travel with a travel CPAP machine.
Here are some of our tips on “How to travel with a CPAP or BiPAP machine?”

  1. CPAP machines may be placed inside the checked baggage but if the baggage is lost or misplaced, you’ll be stuck without your machine. Majority of the CPAP travelers choose not to place their machine in the checked baggage, they actually take their CPAP machine on the plane with them.
  2. The CPAP machines are considered medical equipments and are covered under the American’s with Disabilities Act so, the CPAP machines do not count as one of your carry-on items.
  3. Make sure you carry an extra plastic bag with you when traveling with your CPAP machine. Reason being is that you’ll be ask to remove the CPAP machine out of its case and be placed in a bin at the airport in order to asses through the security check point. Please note, the facemask and tubing can remain in the case. As we all know, the X-rays bins aren’t exactly sterile, therefore we, strongly suggest you place the so if you like, you can place your CPAP machine in a clear plastic bag prior to placing it in theX ray bin.
  4. Ask your TSA official to use a new pair of gloves and a new swab to when examining your CPAP device for explosives. Sometimes CPAP machines need to be closely examine because the X ray scanners can’t always get a clear image of your CPAP device.
  5. Should you decide to use the CPAP machine during the flight when traveling we recommend that you check with the airlines you plan on traveling on prior to boarding. This is just because every airline has their own rules and requirements. So do your research beforehand, and check to see if you might need to bring some extra cables, plug adapters or even a battery pack to travel with your CPAP machine.
  6. If you’ll be staying at a remote location do consider purchasing a P8 battery by Transcend. We also have it available at our online store at
  7. Do not forget to pack your CPAP machine power cord. Make sure you have all the proper adaptors and plugs for when traveling with your CPAP machine. International travel shouldn’t be a problem as nearly all newer machines have universal power supplies that can adapt to various voltage.
  8. Some CPAP machine can be heavy to carry along with you, therefore we recommend for you to consider using a light weight, travel-friendly CPAP machine. We sell his and her traveling CPAP machines and mask at a discounted price at We also do a price match, just ask one of our customer representatives.
  9. Pack extra supplies such as cushions. You never know what happens if you loose one or misplace it.
  10. Prior to packing your CPAP machine, make sure the humidifier chamber is empty and dry to prevent not only spillage but potential damage to your CPAP machine as well.
  11. Take your prescription along with you just in case your machine breaks down or you end up needing additional supplies while away from home. CPAP travelers visiting Las Vegas contact us often asking for a rental CPAP machines and other forgotten CPAP supplies. Additionally, a prescription for the machine might come handy when in the event TSA agents need additional confirmation for your equipment.

Remember to check with your airline’s policy regarding CPAP usage in flight. Some airlines require a minimum of 48 hours notice of use of inflight CPAP machines to verify that your model meets FAA standards and regulations. Many airlines require that your machine is properly labeled indicating that it meets FAA safety regulations and is approved for use on an aircraft. For FAA regulations concerning CPAP use and some indivdual airlines policies contact the airline that you’ll be traveling.
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