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How Do I Know If My CPAP Machine Is Not Working?

| CPAP Store USA

Unfortunately, a CPAP machine just like any other electronic equipment does not last forever. Generally speaking CPAP machines last about 5 years and that’s how often most of the insurance companies will pay to replace a CPAP machine. However, the newer CPAP machine models often are quieter, have enhanced features, and are often easier to use compared to the older generations of equipments.

Some of the major indicator of a retired CPAP machines are:

  1.  CPAP machine does not turn on even though it’s plugged in.
  2.  CPAP machine does not generate any air flow.
  3. If a CPAP machine is accidentally dropped and no longer works.
  4. The water level in the CPAP’s humidifier tank does not decrease after 3 days of use.
  5. Hot plate under the CPAP chamber is not warming up.
  6. CPAP machine becomes noisier and/or fails to generate an adequate airflow than it did previously.

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