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How To Choose A CPAP Mask?

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It’s important to choose a CPAP Face mask that effectively treats your individual sleep apnea while maximizing your comfort. It be best to speak to your doctor about your needs in order to determine your ideal CPAP mask fit.

The CPAP mask is worn at night over the nose and mouth and connected by a hose to a CPAP machine that pumps air under pressure into the airway to keep the airway open during sleep. CPAP has been proven to reduce and in some cases completely prevent episodes of sleep apnea. Some patients refuse to use CPAP because of its appearance and they shay away from it. However,  a study of 639 people published in 2010 that 19% had stopped using the machine after four years and 30% had stopped within 10 years.

There are top 3 CPAP mask types that will help you choose the best CPAP mask for you.

  1. Full Face CPAP MaskThese full-face CPAP masks cover not only the nose but the mouth and part of the face as well with side straps keeping the mask in place.
    • Great for those who suffer from frequent incidents of dry mouth from CPAP. Maily made for mouth breathers who wake up with a dry mouth and throat.
    • This mask is also perfect for patients who require higher CPAP pressure levels. The larger surface area of the mask will not make you feel uncomfortable because of it’s high pressure.
    • Ideal mask for patients who find CPAP masks to be claustrophobic because the full-face mask covers the outside of the face instead of the upper lip and the bridge of the nose. 
    • Prevents mask leakage from the mouth for those patients who sleep on their back.



  1. Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask – The nasal pillow mask is where the interface consists of plastic inserts which looks like a headphone that fits directly into the nostrils. Among sleep apnea patients these are the favorite masks and are meant for those patients who want an interface that is smaller in design and results in less facial interference.
  •  Ideal for those who wear glasses or who like to read or watch TV before sleeping
  • Allows patients to sleep more freely and comfortable.
  • Ideal mask for patients who find CPAP masks to be claustrophobic having minimal face coverage,
  • Causes less air leakage due to direct airflow into the nasal passages.


3. Nasal CPAP Mask – The nasal CPAP masks covers the nose only. It’s a triangular shape with a silicon cushion around it which aids with the fit for comfort. The nasal CPAP masks come in a variety of sizes and fits.    Make sure you find the right fit for your face size


  • It’s best for those patients who  mostly breathe through their nose only.
  • Generally, it’s better for higher-pressure settings than nasal pillows.
  • The nasal cushions create a good seal around the patient’s nose area. The masks also comes with a forehead support allowing stability and support for the mask.
  • There is no direct delivered pressure and provides more natural airflow rather than the nasal pillow.
  • Offers flexible fit with variety of styles.

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